I’m sitting here in my pajamas, completely in love with the idea of independence. As a mother of three, what the heck was I thinking trying to work full-time AND be a freelance designer?! I’m finding owning and operating my own design company is a much better wheel-house for my life.

I can participate at the kid’s school when I’m needed and not have to feel like I’ve abandoned my post. I can finish up a project at midnight when the ideas are coming at me, and I can’t keep still. I can cuddle with my baby boy in the mornings and not have to rush out the door like a mad woman with her hair on fire, for fear of being two minutes late to punch the clock.

And best of all, I can create without compromise. Or at least, ridiculous compromise from unrealistic, and untrained professionals who insist they know more than I do after spending fourteen years in the marketing and communications field.

Yep, I’m in love with independence.

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